Preparation Week: Third Day

So today is the third day of my preparation week and I’m finally starting to feel sore. Luckily I don’t seem to have hurt myself with yesterdays workout, which is quite a relieve. Don’t want so sabotage myself before I even started! Motivation is still high, and I feel way more productive now that I have a new challenge ahead of me. Less free time, but due to that I use my time way more effectively and I am able to enjoy and relax more, once I have worked for it. 7 hours of sleep seems to be enough to recover properly, but I’ll aim for 8h nonetheless.

I planned to have a core and shoulder workout today and legday tomorrow, but I have to work 24h then, so I have to improvise. We have a gym at work, but no good equipment for a leg workout, so I’ll simply switch both days and do legs today and core+shoulders tomorrow.


Workout Log for Wednesday, 30.09.2016, 7:10pm

Chest, Shoulder, Arms

  • Warmup:
    10min Cardio, Bike
    Get those legs warmed up good!
  • Various exercises to warm up:
    Frontsquats with barbell, 30kg
    Front- and backsquats in the smith-machine
    Other stuff
  • Leg Curl, machine:
    30kg, 20 reps, 1 set
    45kg, 20 reps, 1 set
    40kg, 20 reps, 2 setsCould have added more resistance, but I need to be carefull with my left knee, injured that waaay to many times. Going slow may be going faster in this case…
  • Leg Extensions (Quad), machine:
    20kg, 20 reps, 2 sets
    30kg, 15 reps, 1 set
  • Leg Press, machine:
    170kg, 20 reps, 1 set (narrow)
    200kg, 20 reps, 1 set (wide)
    230kg, 20 reps, 2 sets (wide)
  • Cooldown:
    Nothing. Next week it will be cardio for 15 or 20 minutes.

End: ~8:30pm

This got me through the last set of legpress: