Making a commitment

It once was a movie that led me to think: Why play a hero in videogames, when you could become one in real life? Why imagine to be the strong, fit, disciplined warrior when I have the will to become said warrior for real? Sure, I will never wear great armor and I will never command an army against the darkness rising on the horizont. But I can be a conqueror nonetheless. A conqueror of my own fear, my own weakness, my own disabilities.

It’s already the times of greatest hardship that make me strive the most, and it’s always a thrill to make them even more exciting with a challenge to myself. I have been caught in the daily grind of normal life for too long again. It’s time to break the chain!


So this is what I will do:

Starting next month, November 2016, I will work out 5 times a week. I will keep everything as simple and effective as possible and allow myself to improvise if necessary. The main goal is not perfection, not a certain outcome, but discipline. I will not miss a single workout if I’m not one foot in the grave. No excuses. I will focus on my weaknesses and parts of my body I have neglected, which mainly means my core, my right shoulder and my left triceps. I will make pictures to track my progress, and I will use the scale regularly.

Eating at a slight calory deficit I’m aiming for fatloss, definition and painresistance, really pushing the burn.

There might be a few supplements involved, such as creatine or pre workout boosters to counter possible strength loss due to a lack of calories.


This week I’m doing the test-run, to see if my current workout plans are fitting for what I’m about to do.