Day 13: Hard CORE (Week 3)

I’m really starting to like Wednesdays. It’s that extra day at the gym that gives me time to try out new stuff and do things I usually don’t have time for, and I’m already feeling the benefits of regular core-training. Makes lifting so much easier and safer, once you learn how to really control your core muscles.

Workout Log for Wednesday, 19.10.2016, 20:15pm

Core Day

  • Warmup:
    5min Cardio, Stepper
  • Situps:
    20 reps
  • AB Rotator Machine, both sides:
    25kg, 30 reps, 1 set
    50kg, 20 reps, 1 set
    50kg, 15 reps, 1 set
  • Legraise in the dip-station:
    15 reps, 3 sets
    Really, really uncomfortable due to my handicapped right arm. Suppose I’ll not be doing those a lot, especially because they cause more stress for the hip flexor, and I already have a way too tight hip flexor.
  • One-sided Farmers walk, left and right:
    14kg, 3 rounds across the gym floor
    20kg, 3 rounds across the gym floor
    24kg, 4 rounds across the gym floorWanted to try something new, and it was totally worth it. I need to find heavier dumbells for this one though. Tried to keep my shoulders as even and stable as possible, while really focusing on my core. Worked out pretty well. I think I’ll do more carrying in the future, good addition to every workout!
  • Ab crunch machine:
    25kg, 30 reps, 1 set
    50kg, 8 reps, 1 set
    30kg, 8 reps, 1 setDidn’t feel right, something was off. I’m not sure if that’s because my abs were already tired, or the machine just sucks. I’ll probably rather focus on other exercises, this machine puts me in a uncomfortable position anyway, doesn’t seem healthy.
  • Plank:
    Frontplank, 1min 30sec
    Sideplank left, 30sec
    Sideplank right, 30sec

End: ~21:30pm